2000 AD

// Launching The Ultimate Collection



Our main objective when launching the new 2000 AD collection for Hachette Partworks was to raise awareness of the characters showcased in the collection, build an audience on the social platforms and drive subscriptions, all whilst keeping costs at a minimum.  

We decided to utilise a number of techniques in the build-up to the launch to maximise engagement from the audience and therefore increase the reach of each post.  Two of our main drivers were around a character battle competition called 'Galaxy's Greatest' and Facebook Live Competition on Launch day. 


Utilising still imagery from across the collection, we aimed to showcase the variety of characters whilst driving audience engagement with the page.  We set up a world cup style character battle called 'Galaxy's Greatest'.

The aim of this was two-fold, to drive repeat engagement, and therefore page followers, through people wanting to take part in multiple rounds.  Whilst also utilising the easy engagement that is a reaction poll within Facebook.

Rather than a simple reaction poll though, we further increased the engagement on these posts by developing video content for every post.

On launch day we thought we would do something special.  Something that would captivate the audience, get them to engage and drive awareness across their networks of friends.

With Facebook Live notifying users when their friends are watching a stream, we felt this was the perfect platform.

The idea:  every 2000 seconds throughout the day we would give away the prize on screen.

Filmed in front of a green-screen and overlaid with graphics, we brought the livestream to life for our audience and the numbers were outstanding.


Our influencer outreach activity secured 10 pieces of blogger coverage for the launch day.

Over the course of the day we had over 20,000 views of our livestream activity.

We increased the following by over 2000 in a single day.

Over the course of the first month we achieved an average of 10% engagement rate.