// Industrial Waste Dumping Campaign



Illegal dumping of industrial waste is a real issue across Scotland.  This isn't simply people throwing bags out their cars on country lanes, it's an issue with 'organisations' filling entire barns and warehouses with industrial levels of waste and then disappearing.  This costs taxpayers huge amounts of cash to clean up and harms the environment so naturally we were keen to get involved...

With funding from SEPA, our aim was to create a campaign that reached as many of our target audience as possible and drive them through to the Crimestoppers website to register a report.


Our first step was to break down the audience, creating six key audience segments; such as those living in the countryside, those who live on the outskirts of Scottish cities, and construction workers and tradesmen.

A total of 30 different ad variants were created to run across Facebook and Twitter, to help drive awareness. This allowed us to test and optimise the best ad type, copy and imagery. We could then focus on the best performing variants in order to provide the required results.

As well as raising awareness, the campaign led to over two dozen confidential reports of waste dumping.



With a spend of only £1200 on media we achieved over 11,000 clicks to the Crimestoppers site.

With average CPCs of £0.09p on FB and £0.15 on Twitter we achieved an avg CPC of just £0.11 for the campaign.

Over the course of the campaign the total reach of our ads was over 250k.