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  • Ishbel Macleod

Welcome IGTV: the longer form, vertical video addition to Instagram

Instagram - moves out of comfort zone

In a move that comes as a surprise to nobody, Instagram has announced the launch of IGTV – the platform’s big foray into the world of video.

As predicted, the announcement sees the launch of longer form, vertical videos, of up to an hour, which will play full-screen.

While IGTV will be on its own app, Instagram says that users will also be able to watch from within the Instagram app by clicking on the TV style button – a smart move to make sure the full community can view the videos (especially since Instagram also announced that it has hit a global community of one billion users).

On its business page, Instagram said: “We’re evolving with the times; these days, people are watching less TV and more digital video. By 2021, mobile video will account for 78% of total mobile data traffic. And we've learned that younger audiences are spending more time with amateur content creators and less time with professionals.”

How IGTV will look

Seemingly targeted towards creators and influencers, the launch of the IGTV app will allow users to create more polished works, like what might be uploaded to YouTube. A group of Instagram creators including Lele Pons and Manny Gutierrez attended the event and appear to be the first Instagrammers who will be using the IGTV channel.

Instagram said: “IGTV is focused on the creators you love most and already follow on Instagram.

“Anyone can be a creator on IGTV and upload videos in the app or on the web.”

Where to find IGTV

Kevin Systrom, Co-Founder & CEO of Instagram, said: “Instagram has always been a place to connect with the people who inspire, educate and entertain you every day. With your help, IGTV begins a new chapter of video on Instagram.”

With the rise of influencers continuing, this could be the start of more polished podcast-style videos, and here at Hydrogen we imagine it won’t be too long until monetisation options come in – similar to the pre-roll ads launched by Snapchat.

We’re looking forward to the app rolling out on iOS and Android in the coming weeks.

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