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IGTV: Should you give it a shot?

Martina Martian chats IGTV

So, IGTV… what are your thoughts on it? This Instagram feature has been around now for a few months, having launched on 20th June 2018, but will it take off as well as Stories has? This remains to be seen.

If you’re not sure what IGTV is, it’s an “app for watching long-form, vertical video from your favourite Instagram creators”. Instagram only allows us to upload 60 second max videos to our feed and only 15 second clips to Stories so IGTV has really opened up the video capabilities on the platform. Those who have a little more to say now have their perfect space on Instagram!

Many Instagram users weren’t sure of what to do with the new feature when it first launched but now it seems that many are finding their feet. Brands, influencers and creatives are all establishing content themes and putting effort into the vertical video format which is great to see.

Martina Martian

If they can do it, so can you!

I wanted to get thoughts on IGTV straight from the mouth of a creative and I thought who better than travelling illustrator, Martina Martian? Martina is an Aussie artist who has worked with clients such as ASOS, Giphy and even Instagram itself. She has an awesome Instagram feed and no Story is ever complete without one of her custom GIFs or stickers (some seen in this very blog post)! Recently, I’ve seen her branch out on to IGTV so I thought I’d get in touch to see what she thinks of Instagram’s newest baby. Read on for some brilliant insight on the feature from someone who uses it to grow their own online brand:

A look at Martina's IGTV posts

Hydrogen: So, Martina, why did you venture into IGTV?

Martina Martian: I was excited about a new feature on Instagram! YouTube is a scary place and I used Instagram stories a lot, so IGTV seemed like a natural step toward creating more videos.

H: How do you differentiate your content that goes on IGTV to your usual Instagram content? How did you land on your 'Today's Studio' piece?

MM: IGTV seems to be better suited for my videos that are a little more 'curated' or long format. Where stories on IG are meant to be personal, IGTV can be more professional or artistic. As a travelling illustrator I tend to use the world as my studio, so I decided to start doing little 'tours' of my workspace on IGTV- e.g. a train in Scotland, a palace in Budapest or a cabin in Hawaii.

H: How do you feel about portrait video? Do you find it restrictive or a chance to be even more creative?

MM: I find it feels more natural for me as a casual video creator. I'm so used to filming on IG stories and Snapchat in portrait, so I like that Instagram has committed to that format.

H: Whose IGTV do you like to watch, if any? And why?

MM: I love watching @thisishowilook's advice column series for @girlboss. She's awesome.

H: Do you think IGTV has the power to rival the likes of YouTube?

MM: I think IGTV will become a platform in its own right, very different to YouTube. It provides a less intimidating, niche approach to video publishing for all kinds of creatives, which I think will appeal to a lot of people who might not consider themselves 'YouTubers' or professional video makers.

Has this made you consider using IGTV? Here are our top three takeaways from the lovely Martina Martian:

  • IGTV is more suited to curated video content than Stories is

  • Nice alternative for those who don’t want to post on YouTube

  • Portrait video isn’t as scary and limiting as it sounds! Embrace it

Let us know if you do try out IGTV for yourself by tweeting us at @wearehydrogen as we’d love to hear your thoughts. Having trouble knowing where to start? Get in touch with us via and we can talk!

Give it a shot!

Be sure to check out more of Martina Martian’s amazing artwork! Also, you can follow her on her social channels to keep up with new releases as well as keeping up with her travels…

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