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Ch-Ch-Changes are coming to Facebook Ads Manager

Facebook is streamlining its 11 ad objectives down to 6, losing the likes of reach, messages and catalogue sales in favour of app promotion and sales. Here’s what you need to know.

Facebook owner Meta made this move in order to become more accessible and user friendly, since there’s been a rise of small businesses and non-marketers using Ads Manager. This has pushed Facebook to introduce a new system called ODAX (Outcome-Driven Ad Experiences).

Two images: the first shows what the current Facebook ad manager objectives list looks like, with 11 objectives. An arrow then points to a second image, which shows what the updated ODAX objectives will look like, with only 6 objectives listed

What are the new objectives in Facebook Ad Manager?

The objectives that are remaining are:

  1. Awareness

  2. Traffic

  3. Engagement

  4. Leads

  5. App Promotion

  6. Sales

This change streamlines the process of creating ads and removes any marketing specific jargon like “conversions” (we get the question “What is a conversion?” a lot in Hydrogen’s paid social media team…).

Now, I’m sure you’re wondering what will happen to your current ad campaigns? Not much… Facebook has confirmed that legacy campaigns will be fine for the moment, although if you use the Store Traffic objective this will not initially be supported by ODAX. However, Facebook will be looking to exclude Ads Managers that use Store Visits in this rollout, and is looking to support Store Traffic in the future.

Facebook also aims to introduce cross-channel conversions, meaning that websites, apps and shops can be combined into one campaign.

When will ODAX roll out on Ads Manager?

Like all Facebook changes, it’s rolling out slowly! Meta first began to introduce ODAX in February 2022, and it is anticipated it will be fully rolled out by June.

Don’t be worried if you’ve not seen the change yet, we’re in the same boat only so far seeing it on a small number of accounts (as of the start of April). We do believe this change will likely reach new business accounts first and as always, there’ll be a lot of testing on Facebook and Meta’s side before they’ve settled on the final product.

While this change may not seem huge, we believe this only the start of Meta’s plans to adapt Ads Manager. We’ve already seen changes come in recently to do with interest targeting and the exclusion of sensitive, religious or political subjects.

Don’t worry, if you ever get unsure on what objective your campaign falls into – Facebook is promising to be supportive during this change, and of course we at Hydrogen are on hand to help any of our clients that need assistance or want to know exactly how it will affect them. Want to find out more about the technical side? You can find more information here.

A designed graph showing on the left the 11 original objectives, with a line showing which of the 6 new objectives to use to get the same result (e.g. if you used the old messages' objective, you could now use either 'engagement' or 'leads'

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meant awful
meant awful
26 באפר׳

Undoubtedly, you are curious about the fate of your existing advertising initiatives. Minimal... According to Facebook's confirmation, legacy campaigns are now deemed acceptable. However, it should be noted that the Store Traffic target will not receive initial support from ODAX. basket random


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Candace Craig
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