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  • Ishbel Macleod

Hydrogenetics: a new way to benchmark your social media

Sometimes it’s hard to know exactly how your social media ranks against competitors. Many tools just use ‘vanity’ metrics like follower numbers or engagement: but we believe there is more to it than that.

To us, your social media presence is like DNA, made up of multiple different elements that all play a role.

That’s why we launched Hydrogenetics – a new benchmarking product from Hydrogen. Hydrogenetics is a trademarked approach that measures where a brand sits against competitors on over 40 different factors, taking into consideration more than just the vanity metrics.

This isn’t an automated social media tool: our insights team review your posts and activity to bring that every level that AI can’t.

To discover more about Hydrogenetics read on, or visit

How does Hydrogenetics benchmark?

Our formula analyses a number of factors to give you – and your competitors – a score out of 100. This is broken down as a ranking of 25 from four different pillars: platform, output, engagement and conversation.

  • Platform: This pillar looks at how your brand presents itself across social media, including which channels a brand has, how they are branded, and the audience.

  • Output: This pillar takes a deep dive into the content produced and provides an audit into post frequency and content themes. This is something a lot of automated tools miss, but we feel it’s incredibly important.

  • Engagement: This pillar assesses the level of engagement received, as well as what is driving the engagement.

  • Conversations: This pillar looks at external communication around your brand, with a focus on social listening to see who is talking about you and what they are saying.

A Hydrogenetics report shows you exactly where you rank against competitors on each of these four pillars, as well as your overall score – meaning you can see exactly where you have room for improvement and what you can do to take your social media to the next level.

Why should I consider a Hydrogenetics social media benchmarking report?

People choose to carry out social media competitor analysis for many reasons:

  • To help plan their social media strategy for the next year

  • To see how their social media ranks against competitors

  • To discover what is working well and where there can be improvement

  • To get independent and unbiased insights into their social media performance

  • To set a baseline for a new strategy

  • As a tool for social media planning

Interested to know what Hydrogenetics could do for you? Get in touch today to discuss.


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