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  • Ciara Macpherson

Our Favourite Instagram Accounts

Have you been feeling a little uninspired by what you’re seeing on your Instagram feed? You’re not alone. Here at Hydrogen, we’re always sharing our favourite accounts to follow with each other so we thought it might be nice to share our current favourites a little wider this time! Meet the team and their favourite accounts to stalk on Instagram…

Robyn, Community Executive

Robyn has a penchant for cute puppies dressed up and believes there is nowhere better for this sort of thing than @dogsofinstagram. This recommendation is for those out there who are fans of the funny and the fluffy. Her favourite photos are when the dogs wear cosy jumpers or sunglasses! Now we just need a dog in a beret to really finish Robyn off…

Dogs of Instagram

Accurate representation of Robyn whilst not at work.

Gail, Community Executive

Gail is a total bibliophile and appreciates nothing more than getting cosy and reading a good book. This is why @frostbeardmpls is the brand Gail enjoys following the most on Instagram although she says that even though she knows it’s a brand she’s following, it doesn’t feel like it. She’s followed the candle company since they started on Etsy in 2012 and has loved watching them grow and grow.

Frostbeardmpls Instagram

Welcome to Gail’s ideal night in…

Richard, Community Manager

Richard is into his rock, like really into it. He even fronts his own band, Bear Arms. This is reflected in one of his favourite Instagram accounts, @rocksound! He admires the shift they’ve made in their strategy, going from being overly salesy to playing with more engaging content. He particularly enjoys their memes and thinks their admin deserves an award of some sort for the management of the channel.

Rock Sound Instagram

You wouldn’t know it now, but Richard rocked the emo look once upon a time.

Ciara, Community Manager

It’s me! My favourite Instagram account of late is that of @ginamartinuk. I have been following her through her journey of making upskirting illegal and guess what? She only went and bloody did it. She uses her social platforms for good and she’s super good at social. It’s not only her overall message that I love, I also adore how her feed looks with the beautiful paint strokes used throughout her content. It’s like a scrapbook of sorts and her bio says it all, “my feed is pretty, my stories useful”.

Gina Martin on Instagram

I wish I was as cool as Gina.

Ishbel, Marketing Manager

Ishbel often bakes for us here in the office and loves to live tweet The Great British Bake Off so it’s no surprise her favourite Instagram account is cake-based! She loves @thescranline mainly because of all the yummy-looking treats, of course, but also because of the way everything is shot and displayed. While the grid itself is such a beautiful and consistent experience, the guy behind the brand (Nick) uses Instagram Stories for everything else which would distract from his timeline – behind the scenes, things he likes, Q&As, him talking to camera. He's even started to use IGTV to show very quick ‘how to’ cake guides. Tasty!

TheScranLine on Instagram

Cats + cake = purr-fect for our Ishbel

Ewan, Insights Executive

When Ewan isn’t analysing social stats, he’s analysing football. He supports his local team, Motherwell FC, and is also a big fan of their Instagram account. Their use of club colours, claret and amber, throughout their feed is appreciated and they’re not afraid to try new things on their channel.

Motherwell FC Instagram

Ewan’s favourite fixture against my local team!

Chris, Designer

Our designer, Chris, is quite the movie buff (and is always astonished when I haven’t seen a classic, making me add it to my ever-growing “must-see” list) and this is reflected in his choice of favourite Instagram account. Christopher Moloney, @Moloknee, doesn’t post too frequently but when he does it’s always worth the wait. He takes stills and shots from famous films and finds the locations they were shot at, hovering the still over where the real-life location is. He usually ties them in with a release date or anniversary/birthday of the actor involved in the film. Absolutely awesome!

Moloknee Instagram

Chris has not seen The Devil Wears Prada. Stick that on YOUR list! That’s all…

Daniel, Strategy Director

Who doesn’t love New York City? Daniel, our Strategy Director, is mildly obsessed with the city which is why he enjoys following @nycityworld so much. He proposed to his lovely wife, Heather, in the Big Apple so it obviously has a special place in his heart. It constantly makes him want to book his next return trip and if that fails, it does feature some amazing, desktop-wallpaper-worthy photography from a variety of sources.

NYCityWorld Instagram

A peek inside Daniel’s dreams…

Mike, Managing Director

What would this list be without a shameless plug of our own Instagram? Mike, our Managing Director, has chosen his baby for his favourite account. Do give us a follow if you want to keep up with social media news & office going-ons.

Disclaimer: these aren’t Mike’s hands…


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