// Launching The Definitive G1 Collection


In December 2016 we were asked by Hachette Partworks to manage the launch of their new graphic novel series - Transformers: The Definitve G1 Collection.  

Over the course of the first 10 weeks we created a community of over 6000 engaged followers.  The aim in these initial weeks was high-growth but without using paid means to deliver those follower numbers.  We therefore developed a campaign strategy that drove high levels of engagement and utilised competitions to drive up follower numbers.

In addition to driving community subscriptions we also developed a competition landing page to capture user email addresses.  With a media budget of only £100 we managed to deliver over 1000 submission entries delivering a COA of under 10p.

We Are Hydrogen: Transformers


We delivered a conversion campaign alongside the launch material delivering an ROI of 762%.

In our initial 2 months we delivered an average engagement rate of over 15% to drive organic community growth.

With little funding available to drive follower growth we utilised highly engaging posts to build an audience of over 6000.

Our engagement based launch competition achieved a cost per engagement of 4p.



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