With such a small team and complicated product to promote the team at Cofficient wanted to ensure that all of their marketing efforts were as optimised as they could be.  In a marketplace with no clear leaders on social media we identified an opportunity for Cofficient and set out a strategy for them to get a headstart on the competition.

Existing exclusively within the B2B software space, the team at Cofficient wanted to engage an agency that both understood the ERP software space, the extended buying process and the pressures of delivering successful marketing campaigns for a small business such as themselves.  Already executing their social media campaigns themselves, Cofficient brought Hydrogen onboard to train the in-house team to deliver more effective social media marketing therefore maximising their efforts.

Within a matter of months Cofficient had their new strategy up and running and had doubled their Twitter following.

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// Bespoke Social Media Training


We reviewed the 8 closest competitors to establish market position.

We interviewed all 4 key stakeholders within the business to ensure an outcome that suited all.

We reviewed the last 12 months worth of social performance to get an understanding of current performance.

After the initial bespoke training we provide 6 months of consulancy to provide ongoing guidance.


"As a microbusiness operating in a saturated market place, Cofficient really needed to stand out.  From the first session I learned so much about social media marketing and already we have turned a corner.  Mike and his team just “get it”"


- Emma Stewart, Marketing Manager


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