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"From full-service social media management to single projects."



We're a specialist social media agency - the largest in Scotland, to be precise.  We're experts in our field, that's why global brands like SSE, Subway and Club Med choose to work with us as their social media partners.

We don't offer a standardised approach like a number of other social media agencies.  We also don't offer a service where you pay for the number of posts we put out. We just don't feel this is the right thing to do.  

Every client we work with gets a tailored solution that is specific to their requirements. This means we can deliver true value for the business, not just an off-the-shelf service. Our clients use us in a variety of different ways from top level consultancy and insights to delivering all of their social content and managing their online communities. Ultimately, we deliver what works best for both you and your budget.  


Still no idea what you need?  Have a read through our service offerings below...

About Us
Content Creation


Whether you need content for a specific one-off campaign or ongoing social media management, our experienced team can help.

We create everything from basic written posts to animation and video content to really bring each post to life.  We know what it takes to get users to engage and will ensure that every post that is delivered is as optimised as it can be.

Our community managers work with side-by-side with our clients, partnering their sector expertise with our social media knowledge to deliver impactful & meaningful content for their audience.

Don't believe we can master your sector?  Our team currently manage communities for clients including Marvel and SSE - from food and drink to beauty. Basically, there's not many subjects we don't cover...

Social Media Content Creation
Social Media Community Management


Social media isn't about posting content and forgetting about it.  Our team engage with your community, answer any enquiries and manage the frontline customer service requirements for our clients.

On a weekly basis the team currently handles over 700 customer service enquiries on behalf of our clients, responding directly and escalating as required.

Whether you have a fully-established customer service department or you're taking the business into social for the first time, our team will work with you to setup the systems that your business needs to cope with any volume of enquiries.

Community Management


Every new campaign or strategy should start with insight.  And that's exactly what we do for our clients.

Before we start working with a new client or we kickstart a new campaign, we need to understand what's happening in the market. What are the competitors doing? What is the audience saying? What content is generating positive engagement and what's getting a negative backlash? And therefore, what learnings can we take forward into our plans.

But it's not all about campaigns, for those clients who want to keep on top of the market changes and their progress, we provide monthly performance reporting and yearly competitor benchmarking.  

Want to take it a step further? Discover our trademarked benchmarking report - Hydrogenetics™.

Social Media Marketing Insights
Social Media Advertising Agency


Want to reach a new audience, grow your following or drive traffic through to your site?

Sometimes using organic content alone won't deliver the impact your campaign or business requires. For this reason we might look to using social ads. Whether it's re-targeting, Instant Experience, video, or simple page likes that you need, the team will work out the right strategy for your desired ROI.

We'll build your campaign, define your target audiences, manage your ads, optimise where required and report on everything.


Building a campaign to market a low-value product to an individual and marketing a £100k plus software package need very different approaches.

With backgrounds in B2B tech marketing, our team understand the long-sell and the role that social plays in that journey. They understand the need to talk to multiple stakeholders and build brand exposure within the entire client organisation.

Our clients use us for everything from building a business to business social selling strategy, creating an employee advocacy programme or simply manage their business social presences.

We Are Hydrogen: B2B Social Media
Social Insights
Social Advertising
Social Media Training


Not sure what direction to take in social or already have an in-house team delivering your content?  

For those clients not interested in getting us to manage their presences for them or that already have an in-house team doing a good job, we can offer a consultative approach.

We can work with you to define your social media strategytrain your internal team on industry best-practice or create an approach for targeting a particular sector.

Just let us know what problem you are trying solve and we'll build a bespoke approach just for you.



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