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Social media insights that set your brand up for success

 Drive value from social data with actionable social media insights.

If you're looking for a social media strategy that takes your brand to the next level, it all starts with insights! Here at Hydrogen Insights, we scour your social media analytics to see what is working and suggest ways to improve. Our team of research and data analytics specialists can help you transform your output on social media by identifying the right people, right channels, and right tactics to meet your brand objectives.

From qualitative to quantitative, we use a variety of methods and tools based on your requirements: from in-depth social media audits to help you benchmark yourself against competitors, to audience insights into what make your customers tick, through to social media analytics reports and dashboards to provide a snapshot of your performance.

We can help you understand your audience on social media and make sure you have the knowledge to make content they want to see in the most relevant channels and communities.

Our social media insights services

We have three main areas of focus: reporting and analytics; social listening; and research.

Reporting and analytics

Social listening


What we've done... 

campaign optimisation

Bespoke social media and digital search analysis for circular fashion hub ACS Clothing. Covering shopping hauls and clothing returns, as well as qualitative analysis into the returns industry, this research formed the basis of a social media campaign that shocked the public with the level of clothes that went to landfill.  

InsightsCaseStudies-11 (1).png

RSNO: competitive analysis

In-depth social media audit of the national orchestra’s current social output versus competitors, with quick wins and actionable suggestions for improvement to their social media strategy. Off the back of the audit, we developed six key social media personas to create an audience-aligned social strategy.

Active Scotland:
campaign effectiveness

Active Scotland, a division in the Scottish Government, asked us to carry out social listening around their Woman and Girls in Sports Week campaign. We looked into who was discussing the campaign, trending topics and more to see what performed best, and pulled out key learnings for future campaigns.

InsightsCaseStudies-13 (1).png

OVO Energy: consumer sentiment

 We provided OVO Energy weekly social data intelligence during the global energy crisis, tracking brand mentions, topic analysis and sentiment, as well as key industry terms. The digestible email format allowed key details could be seen at a glance, as well as sharing a more thorough dashboard for deeper analysis.

POWERful Women:
audience research

Non-profit POWERful Women wanted to attract more women to the energy sector. We delivered a comprehensive research report into what makes young women consider a career in energy, influential sources of information and more. We used this data to develop a social media campaign that inspired young women to explore a career in the energy sector.


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