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3D Posts on Facebook

3D posts: a way to stand out on Facebook?

It’s high time we can enhance our creativity with our social media assets. Facebook believes Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality to be the future that beckons social communication.

In this digital age, we are at the heart of social innovation. It is evident that support for 3D imagery on Facebook is expanding.

Not too long ago, Facebook introduced interactive posts of 3D objects to its news feed. The social networking site rolled out a new file format which undoubtedly makes it easier for its users to share high-quality 3D images.

Ultimately Facebook’s motives show they are extremely keen to push the use of Facebook Stories so they can showcase new AR tools and effects, driving users into their ever-growing digital offerings. This update opens the door for endless possibilities in the future whereby people can bring interesting objects and experiences to life across AR, VR, mobile and the web.

For instance, whether it's your favourite video game, movie characters, architectural models or museum artefacts, 3D posts add another layer for consumers on social media. While we may not be at the same stage as technology in movies there are definitely advancements being made in this field where social technology will be the absolute pinnacle.

At the moment, Facebook doesn’t allow for animated 3D files – it only accepts GLB files with a maximum of 3MB.

Alongside the support for 3D posts, Facebook is rolling out new Open Graph Sharing endpoints that will allow developers to build 3D sharing to Facebook directly into their third-party apps.

If you are a fan of 3D imagery, check out VECTARY to create your very own 3D models for Facebook posts and newsfeed – we had fun trying it out!

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