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  • Lindsey Davidson

5 music brands killing it on social

With festival season right around the corner, we thought it would be a great time to share some of the magnificent music brands whose clever content has struck a chord with us lately.

So pop on your favourite playlist and have a read!

Blood Records

Blood Records’ ridiculously cool releases aren’t the only thing blowing us away here at Hydrogen. The company’s high-fidelity approach to TikTok has us hitting play time and time again. But what makes its TikTok strategy so great? Firstly, the Blood Records team are answering all the questions we’ve always wanted to know, literally. The company is putting our minds at ease using the video reply function, answering everything from ‘How do records actually make sounds?’ to ‘What are the odds of being able to produce a 3D printed vinyl?’. By sharing a mix of both specialist and general vinyl knowledge, BR is catering to vinyl newbies and crate-digging pros alike, making geeking out on records even more accessible than ever before.

But that’s not all, Blood Records also lean heavily into behind-the-scenes content - sharing mesmerising footage of their mind-blowing vinyl, live-in production. And trust us when we say, we. Cannot. Look. Away! If, like us, you spent hours of your childhood glued to ‘How it’s Made’, you’re in for a real treat! So if you haven’t checked out Blood Records TikTok already, have a peek and prepare to be captivated!

Assai Records

Lunchtimes at Hydrogen got a whole lot more exciting a few weeks back when Assai opened its doors on Sauchiehall St, here in Glasgow. But, it’s more than the store’s epic records that keep us coming back for more (we do love those too though). Thanks to their uber-informative social media posts on new releases and in-store events, crate digging for information has become a thing of the past for Glasgow’s vinyl lovers. The store boasts brilliant social media basics, keeping things simple whilst keeping fans well and truly in the loop with their super helpful and frequent posts.

In addition to this, Assai excels in showcasing its in-store culture, sharing the full lineup from everyday moments in the shop to surprise visits from A-listers like Ed Sheeran! Assai also does a great job bringing their in-store events to life, sharing stories of the fans and performers as the events unfold. With the store’s brilliant social posts and the inclusive culture the posts are helping to build, Assai is bringing record shopping into the 21st century, breaking traditional norms in the very best ways. Keep it up, Assai!

Connect Festival

The coolest festival in Scotland right now? We think so! With a social presence as excellent as its killer lineup, Connect Festival is showing the UK festival circuit how it should be done. As our recent Coachella blog mentioned, focusing on fundamentals should never be underestimated. And Connect? Well, it’s ticking all the boxes, giving us all the info we need (and want) to know, dressed up in effortlessly cool and creative visuals.

But the real star of the show? It’s reactive content. The festival is expertly skilled in jumping on trending moments, and leveraging them to promote their epic festival. Nothing builds hype like seeing your favourite artist play to another live audience, and Connect knows this all too well. Shortly after Fred Again’s unforgettable Coachella set, we saw Connect sharing all the best bits from his marvellous performance to the Connect Instagram account, building anticipation towards his upcoming headline slot at the festival in August (as if we need more convincing).

Similarly, Connect has been particularly great at sharing new releases by artists on their festival lineup - leveraging their audience's interests, prompting interaction, and providing fans with the content they actually want to see. It’s safe to say that Connect’s epic buildup has left us chanting ‘One more post!’.


Competing against legacy audio giants can’t be an easy feat. But through its brilliant storytelling content and clever creator partnerships, JBL has stood up to the mic and cut through the noise. There’s nothing quite as captivating as a good story, and JBL has leveraged this technique in the very best way. Partnering with (your new favourite) breakthrough artists, the brand follows a day in their life, documenting how JBL’s products are used in their music-making processes. Not only does this provide excellent visibility for JBL’s range of audio products, but the brand is also, in turn, amplifying the artist’s music when they need it most - a win-win in our eyes! Over the years, JBL has successfully showcased how perfecting partnerships can take your brand to the next level, and we can’t wait to see what they share next!


It’s no secret that the Spotify comms team is pretty incredible at what it does. From its annual ‘Wrapped’ campaign to fan-exclusive content, the streaming platform has us well and truly tuned in. And it’s great to see that this is accurately reflected in their everyday social posts too. So what has Spotify been up to on socials lately?

Firstly, the platform has been mastering the art of engagement posts. Spotify knows exactly how to speak to its audience, and in turn, they’re speaking back! And whilst the creative featured below may look visually simple, the post has well and truly hit those high notes when it comes to engagement.

In addition to its playful engagement series shown above, the platform has cleverly leveraged Instagram Reels and TikTok to share Spotify-exclusive content. From never-before-seen performances from the likes of Niall Horan to Author Spotlights with Elliott Page and interviews with RAYE, Spotify knows how to keep fans coming back for more. Can we get an encore?

We hope you enjoyed our roundup of music brands who’ve impressed us on social media lately. We’d love to know which brands have inspired you. And if you’re interested in taking your brand to the next level on social, just like the companies mentioned above, then don’t be afraid to reach out as we’d love to help you!


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