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  • Nicole Nowacka

Instagram’s biggest changes in 2019

Instagram - changes in 2019

Keeping up-to-date on social media developments and trends are key for every business to successfully enhance customer engagement on their online channels. We’ve made it easy for you - check out five products Instagram has rolled out this year. Testing removing like counts

Since April of this year, Instagram's parent company Facebook has been testing how removing likes and video views affects Instagram users in certain regions.

The main purpose of implementing this new feature is to limit the competition amongst users, as the social media platform has reportedly been the cause of social comparison and heightened anxiety levels. This new feature will not harm the way you monitor your Instagram insights, as every account holder can access their posts’ likes at any time. Brand tools such as Socialbakers have also said that they will still be able to see numbers of likes to provide competitor insights.

Instagram trials removing like counts

Branded content ads As of March, Instagram has included branded content ads to their app. The tool looks to increase transparency around paid-for and sponsored content, allowing creators to tag the brand they are collaborating within a bar above the photograph which states “Paid partnership with [brand partner]” or below their name in Instagram stories.

One benefit of this for brands is that they will be able to view the insights of the post, making it clearer which partnerships work.

Find out more and check the feature out with our how to use Instagram’s branded content tool blog.

Instagram paid partnerships

Donation Stickers Facebook originally announced plans for an Instagram donation sticker at its F8 conference, with the functionality rolling out to the UK at the end of July.

By adding a donation sticker to an Instagram Story, charities and the public will be able to create a fundraiser and raise money for a cause close to their hearts.

Charities must register as a charity on Facebook and Instagram before they use the functionality.

We’ve recently heard talk that Instagram is looking into creating a permanent ‘donate’ button which charities can add to their page – we look forward to seeing this roll out in 2020.

Instagram donation stickers

Instagram Checkout March 2019 saw the launch of Instagram Checkout – allowing users to buy products they love without leaving the app. Nowadays firms are striving to make a customer’s shopping experience as convenient and fast as possible, so we feel this was a natural step for the company. It’s currently only available in the US, but we predict it will be extended soon. By tagging products in Instagram photos, users can tap the tags and access the Instagram Checkout feature, then select their size and colour, and proceed with the payment process. This handy new addition to the services that Instagram offers is definitely a push forward to the future of online shopping, mainly through mobile apps. The channel has also begun trialling the ability for creators to be able to tag products in posts. However, this is only available for brands who have Checkout set up.

Instagram Checkout

Threads messaging app This year, Instagram launched a messaging app, called ‘Threads’, which is not available on the Instagram app, but can be downloaded separately onto your mobile phone. The app allows you to connect with your closest friends and family, and share photos, videos and stories.

Threads comes as Instagram looks to put privacy key, with users only able to send or receive messages from people on their ‘close friends’ list.

Instagram Threads app


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