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  • Lisa Gormley

Introduction to TikTok for brands

TikTok is the fastest growing social media platform, commanding nearly a full hour of its users’ day globally and holding the key to the future - Gen Z. They are the future leaders, digital pioneers and customers for every business. These kids are not to be ignored!

Right now less than 1 in 3 businesses are on TikTok, so there is an opportunity to stand out and take advantage of the early adoption gains. In this case, the early bird catches the organic worm - TikTok still favours good content over promoted content, but we have seen this in other platforms before.

Assuming you value efficient use of the marketing budget, and new and continuing business, this is the audience you want to build trust with and give a good impression of your brand. So, we are here to help you break the ice with confidence.

OK, but I don’t dance!

If you’re not a regular TikTok user yourself, the content on the platform can seem like it’s in another language. You’d be half right! TikTok differs from other platforms because it centres largely around trending sounds which users and brands relate to their niche.

So first things first - take the app for a spin, view some videos and tap on the spinning record in the bottom right-hand corner of any videos you like. This will show you how a sound is being used across all of the profiles using it.

Yes, there will be some dancing, but contrary to popular belief, this is not the be-all and end-all of TikTok, and you don’t have to learn how to twerk like Megan Thee Stallion to successfully promote your business!

Great, so what does successful content look like on TikTok?

  • Be Authentic – Feature real people in your videos, and try to stick to the age group you’re targeting​.

  • Be Raw – TikTok videos aren’t about high production value, other users know that you filmed the video on your phone​. This will also help your branded content blend in seamlessly with other videos on the app.

  • Be Honest – Users don’t want to be lied to, they want to hear the truth and personal stories​. Unlike Instagram, home of the aspirational perfect lifestyle, TikTok is a place for honesty and transparency.

  • Be Fun – It’s a place for entertainment after all so show some brand personality ​by using trending sounds and creating content that relates humour to your industry.

  • Be Relatable – Make sure people can relate to your content, so they will send it on to friends​. Try to get into the head of your customer and understand what they think, feel and do. You can then relate this back to your products or service.

  • Be On-Trend – Use trending sounds and relate them to your niche. Trending sounds are the best way to get recognised on TikTok. Try to jump on these trends as quickly as possible - they move fast and you don’t want to miss out!

  • Be Creative – TikTok has a lot of tools at your disposal so use them! Sounds, effects, filters, transitions​ and a wealth of user-friendly editing techniques. Get inspired by the creativity you see from other users on the app - and save your favourite content for inspiration.

  • Be Educational – Add value to the audience and create saveable content that shows knowledge in your field and builds trust. This is a great way to get followers who are really interested in your point of view and expertise!

Your TikTok content should fall under one of these three pillars: Education, Engagement and Entertainment. This will ensure a great balance of content! We’ve included some examples below:

Looks great! I can totally just re-use my YouTube content, right?

Eeek, no! TikTok really is great and can bring big success and exposure to a brand, but it’s a commitment and a shift outside of the current marketing activity. Video content can rarely be repurposed to go onto TikTok as it will look out of place and you’ll be swiped by faster than the Tinder Swindler!

Here are the key questions to ask yourself:

  • Are you ready to shake the corporate image and show a strong personality?

  • Is your brand on the list? TikTok doesn’t allow certain types of brands, such as alcohol, tobacco or gambling products to be on the platform.

  • Does your brand have a clear purpose that goes beyond the marketing message? Gen Z may as well stand for generation zealous! They are researchers and passionate about their causes. If you are not walking the walk with purpose-led messaging they will sniff you out and expose you.

If your answers were yes, yes and yes then we’ll catch you on the FYP! ✌️

For any help with launching on TikTok, or shaking up your strategy, you can contact us today.


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